Tips for Successful Cannabis Marketing Strategy

The sale and use of recreational marijuana has been legalized in some US states, including California. If you would like to start an online marijuana business, then you should understand that the goals you make in the first year can either make or break the business. The following digital marketing tips will help you build your online brand. 

Domain Name: A domain name will help you to distinguish your online business. Do an online search to ensure the name you want has not yet been taken and is not too similar to an already existing business. There are different places where you can buy a domain name, search as Godaddy. Secure the name for between two and five years. 

Unique Sales Proposition: Find a sales proposition that will make your business stand out. You can consider many things as you develop your digital marketing strategy, from the great customer service that you intend to offer to the strategic location of your store. Convince potential customers why they should choose your store over others. Remember to make your products diverse to capture a wider market base. 

Branding: Prepare a professional logo and other graphics that attract people. Look at different websites to get an idea of what is aesthetically appealing. It is better to avoid green color because it is already too common.

Consistent Marketing Plan: Have a strategic marketing plan that covers between one and three years, with each year focusing on a different goal. Considering how busy the cannabis industry can be, you may not have enough time to develop and manage a successful digital marketing plan. You should preferably hire a professional marijuana marketing agency, which can help you with things like designing and branding, website creation, social and local marketing. You must have a marketing budget, about 80% of which should go towards local marketing, website and SEO. Social media does not really account for as much traffic as many people tend to think. 

CMS Website: While some marketers in the industry do not consider having a website to be important, the website is the center of all digital marketing efforts. It is the only online tool that you can completely control. Things like local listings and social media all link back to your website. Make your website as search engine friendly as possible. Focus particularly on Google, which will greatly influence your online revenue. 

SEO: Since Google organic searches account for 80% of searches for cannabis products, you must implement SEO to break through. This is especially important considering the high volume of cannabis searches, and you need expert assistance. 

Local and Online Directories: Many people performing smartphone searches will find you when you have a Google My Business Account. You should also get a Yelp Business Account and a basic listing in online cannabis directories. In addition, create business social media accounts, all with the same branding. 

Different Forms of Advertising: Use other types of advertising, but ensure you have a way of tracking the results.


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