How to Successfully Market Your Cannabusiness on Facebook

The business of cannabis is a tricky one to get into and successfully run. While the basic strategies and guidelines for “normal” businesses do still apply, there are many other things added on that are necessary to consider when running a cannabusiness. These added things could make or break your business, and, in some cases, the consequences of not following them could be a matter of legalities.

When running a business in the cannabis industry, there are some unique strategies that you should follow when it comes to your branding and marketing. Facebook, in particular, can be the trickiest with its strict guidelines on what can and can’t be advertised through their network. Luckily, there are still ways you can utilize it for your digital marketing as it is a great platform to communicate with your customers.

With that said, other social media networks such as Instagram are tricky as well. Google AdWords can also be difficult as Google does not allow terms related to the selling or promotion of illegal drugs. This can make things extremely tricky when trying to describe your business without any words that actually describe it.


What Not to Do

When advertising your cannabusiness on Facebook, it is almost more important to know what not to say rather than what you should say. These guidelines apply to most social media platforms you may be marketing your business, so make sure to keep these things in mind whenever you make a post. While not following these guidelines in some cases may only result in your post being deleted, other cases could result in legal matters being taken against your business.

The legalities are the most important things to consider. One of the laws that will affect your digital marketing (as well as all of your marketing and branding in general) is the law that requires you to make sure your branding elements will not attract the attention of children. This could involve more obvious methods like using child-proof packaging, but it also involves the use of cartoon characters in your marketing.

It is important to keep in mind that the internet is full of children. Although the most popular age group that uses Facebook is the Millennial generation of today, there are still over five million users who are under the age of 18. In the states where cannabis is legal – whether that be for medical or recreational use, underage usage is prohibited, so you should do everything you can to keep the advertising targeted at those above the age of 18.

When it comes to wording, stay away from slang terms such as “weed,” “pot,” “bud,” “kush,” etc. Of course, there are plenty of other slang terms that are used to describe marijuana and everything that has to do with it, but you should stick to more scientific and mild terminology when marketing. Not only will these help your posts meet social media guidelines, but it will also help keep negative impressions away from your cannabusiness. This is why it is typically referred to as “cannabis” in marketing.


What You Should Do

On the other hand, the list of things you should be doing when marketing your cannabusiness on Facebook is much larger than the things you shouldn’t be doing. The strategies at this point are typical for most businesses when it comes to marketing online, especially on social media platforms like Facebook. However, there are some turning points that make things more specific to a business in the cannabis industry.

For starters, it is a surprising fact that the most successful marketing campaigns in the cannabis industry have focused less on the actual cannabis and more on other aspects of the product, along with the general targeted purpose of the company. For example, the Instagram posts of the cannabis chocolate company Kiva Confections often focus on the chocolate making process instead of focusing on marijuana.

It is often the case that successful campaigns have been less about “getting high” and have focused on other tactics instead. With that said, it is important for you to recognize who you are marketing your cannabis product toward – recreational users, or medicinal users? The strategies you use when marketing to recreational users, for example, are largely different from the strategies you will use when marketing to medicinal users. You don’t have to choose just one, although marketing to both separately may be a difficult task.

General Facebook Marketing Techniques

When it comes to more general techniques, the most important aspect of Facebook marketing is encouraging engagement. Facebook users should be liking, sharing and commenting on your posts in order for your company to be spread. Whenever somebody engages with one of your posts, it can be seen on their friends’ news feeds, which pushes your reach out even further.

In order to encourage engagement, there are several things you can do. The best method is to ask questions. Ask your audience to like a post or like your page. You could also include actual questions in the post and encourage your audience to answer the questions “in the comments below.” It is often the case that your audience won’t feel compelled to engage unless you push them to do so.

Entertain and provide for your audience. Facebook users either want to laugh or they want to learn. Funny pictures or videos are great filler posts and will often be liked or shared amongst your audience’s friends. Creating original content is even better in these cases, however sharing other people’s posts would do just as well.

Overall, marketing your cannabusiness on Facebook can be slightly tricky. While there are some specific guidelines that affect you considering the industry, you should still treat your campaign as if it were any normal business. All the same rules apply and then some. By following these techniques, you should be able to not only avoid having your campaign stopped by social media but also develop a thriving campaign that builds your customer base and sends your sales skyrocketing.


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