How to Market a Cannabis Business with Success

Students in the field of marketing are taught to focus on familiar products and services. They are instructed to incorporate sales practices and procedures to draw attention to common household items. These might include how to properly market a new appliance or piece of technology for the home. 

However, what one might refer to as “newfangled” today is likely to become highly familiar to the population at large tomorrow. This is certainly the case with the use of cannabis and cannabis related products. Once only obtainable on the illegal market, these products are now legal in Colorado and easily obtainable for medical reasons in other states around the USA. 

If you own a business that sells or promotes the use of cannabis, you need to market your products carefully. Obviously, you are not selling something that is going to be utilized by everyone. It is also a product whose benefits are suitable only for adults over the age of consent. Much like cigarettes and alcohol, children and underage teenagers should never be included in your target audience. 

Consider working with a marketing agency

It’s not that you can’t market your own business successfully, because this is accomplished by business owners everywhere. The problem is that marketing your business while running it on a daily basis is utterly exhausting. Between traditional methods of sales, online advertising and digital forms of social media, you’ll never have enough hours in the day. 

A marketing agency is additionally going to be up to date on the latest in marketing methods. As changes occur online and with smart phone apps, they’re ready to implement these into their marketing strategy. If you’re marketing your cannabis business yourself now, they can take a look at your current techniques and make educated suggestions as to where you need to apply your efforts.

Work with an agency that specializes in your given product

It would only stand to reason that if you sold cars and trucks, you would work with professionals well-versed in the automotive industry. Likewise if you’re looking to bring a new soft drink to supermarkets across the country, you need to seek out advertising that makes your beverage stand out from the rest. So if you are looking to improve the sales of your cannabis business, why would you deviate from this tried and true scenario?

The answer is, you wouldn’t and you shouldn’t. While most marketing agencies have the goods to market familiar products, they may not know where to begin when you mention cannabis. Worse yet, they may not feel comfortable enough with the product to fully give it the attention it deserves.

One example of a marketing agency that specializes in working with cannabis related companies can be seen online at They practice marketing much like other firms, using SEO words and incorporating the latest in responsive web design for their clients. The difference is, that every technique they use is crafted to bring out the best of this somewhat controversial substance. 

Techniques and strategies work best in today’s complex consumer marketplace

In the past, one would choose the finest sign painter in town to design the sign above their storefront location. As long as it could be seen clearly from a distance, customers would stop their cars or walk in from the street. You’d add to this, a good size advertisement in the local telephone book to attract those people who were savvy enough to “let their fingers do the walking.”

These things are still important, but today’s customer is more likely to find your business through their online pursuits. This includes various forms of social media and online searches using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If they can find your business using an app on their smart phone, they’re all the more likely to stop in and take a chance on the goods and services you provide. 

Web design

One of the most elementary things you need is a user-friendly and effective website. Too many business both in and out of the cannabis field are still using web pages that are nearly obsolete. Your website needs to be designed using “responsive web design” so that it reads clearly on a mobile device of any size. 

The pages of your website also need to include written content that addresses why your product and services are a necessity for the consumer. To this, your web design team needs to add suitable photography, videos and graphics. These images then must change periodically to attract new viewers.

Website optimization

Since many of your new customers will find you using an online search engine, it is important to improve your standing within the algorithm of the Internet. To do this, a marketing agency works certain words and phrases through the content within your website. This assures that your website will rise within the list on Google (or similar site) and readers are more likely to find you.

The position of your website during one of these online searches is an all-important issue. Studies have shown that people who use online searches generally only look at their first page of listings. Worse yet, they tend to choose between the first three listings on that first page. To succeed, you need to be number one in every online direction. 

Social media

Once only the online playground of the young, social media is now utilized by all age groups from teenagers to grandparents. Your cannabis dispensary needs to have a Facebook page of its own, which brings forth the positive nature of your business. From here, you can answer questions that arise within in a timely manner and speak to the public from a friendly platform.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of this, do not despair. This is why working with a team that is experienced in marketing cannabis businesses is definitely worth trying. Not only will you have more time to run your business, but your business has the potential to grow in a myriad of ways.


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