Effective Marketing Strategies For Growing Your Cannabis Business

Knowing how to market your new business is essential for its success. Yet, marijuana startups face significant challenges for marketing due to stricter legislations regarding how and where they advertise. The great news is that the cannabis industry is rapidly growing as more consumers discover the benefits of legalization. Unfortunately, this also means that startup companies are beginning to face serious competition as more investors recognize the opportunities that exist within the industry. So how do you stay in line with the current restrictions regarding advertising while also building relationships with your target audience? Simply follow this guide for building effective marketing strategies that allow your budding cannabis company to grow to its full potential.

Avoid Appealing to Minors

One of the biggest no-no’s in the cannabis industry is to use any type of advertising that could possibly be misconstrued as being meant to attract minors. While that cartoonish logo might look cool, the truth is that many opponents could view it as being a lure. As pioneers in a new and often-controversial industry, marijuana companies must view it as their responsibility to combat people’s concerns about legalization by making it clear that cannabis companies are committed to preventing marijuana use among minors. During your company’s branding development, make sure that your logo, company mission and any online or print advertising is clearly designed to appeal only to adults.

Define Your Brand’s Vision

Marijuana companies have a tall order to fulfill when it comes to earning the respect of the communities that they serve. For many years, marijuana use has carried a social stigma that is still in place in many communities today. This means that your brand must convey a high level of competency and dedication toward improving the public view of marijuana consumption. You should also use the development of your brand to define what it is that makes your company stand out. Is your startup committed to providing a line of products that is transparent about the ingredients used in production? Or, perhaps your business is focused on education regarding safe consumption. Spend some time thinking about the positive things that your brand should be known for, and use this information to help you refine your marketing plan.

Focus On Educating the Public

Consumers today view knowledge as power, and there are tons of people who are curious about cannabis but still somewhat nervous about trying it. Getting this part of your target audience into your business involves strategies that are designed to build trust. Consider posting an educational fact on social media, or print up some brochures on safe edible consumption for your novice customers. Remember that any type of educational material that you put out there should respect the intelligence of your target audience while also simplifying the facts behind the benefits and safe use of marijuana. Then, make sure that each of your employees is trained in the best practices for educating the public about marijuana while always demonstrating the positive attributes of your product.

Adopt The Right Tone For Your Brand

It is important to meet your target audience where they are at by projecting a similar tone. For instance, a medical marijuana company should ensure that any advertising they use projects a serious and educational tone. Alternatively, your website could take a more whimsical approach if you are marketing toward a different crowd that is known for recreational use. Businesses that cater to both medical and recreational customers should veer toward a professional tone that appeals to everyone while occasionally tossing in some humor regarding marijuana use.

Never Infringe On Another Company’s Copyrights

Newcomers to marketing sometimes make the huge mistake of getting inspiration from already-established brands. While it might seem cutesy to name a strain of cannabis after a well-known movie character or type of candy, this type of marketing can land you in big trouble with companies that are large enough to take it to the highest levels in court. Avoid tapping into your company’s profits to pay copyright infringement fines by making sure that you don’t land in legal hot water in the first place. When it doubt, have a professional check it out since it is easy to infringe on brand copyrights inadvertently.

Use Cross-Platform Strategies

The simplest marketing truth is that getting your brand seen by as many as people as possible works. Make sure that you are marketing online, in print and in person so that your brand is visible anywhere a person goes. Currently, there are many local publications that are willing to advertise cannabis companies, and your website should be considered one of your first points of contacts with a potential customer who is curious about cannabis products in general. Make sure that it highlights your products while giving some basic information about cannabis use so that your target audience is comfortable ordering your products or visiting your store.

Adjust Your Strategies With the Changing Market

The cannabis industry is currently in a rapid period of growth that makes starting a marijuana business exciting and lucrative at the same time. Yet, this also means that a marketing strategy that worked a few months ago is likely in need of being updated. For instance, marijuana companies were once intensely focused on highlighting the medical benefits of use. Now, the tourism industry has increased the need to alter marketing strategies to also highlight the benefits of recreational use in areas where it is legal. Future marketing strategies are likely to be expanded once legislation relaxes regarding how you may advertise your business. For this reason, it is always best to remember that keeping your marketing strategies current is critical for growing your business.

In an industry where new companies are popping up everyday, it is important to ensure that your marketing plan gives your cannabis business a leading edge. Knowing how to stay in line with advertising laws while emphasizing what makes your business unique in the field will establish your brand as a reputable leader in this burgeoning industry.


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