Cannabis Marketing Strategy and New Trends

Just the same way selling Marijuana has become a lucrative business ever since it was legalized. The industry has also grown in just the same way. Being a unique business, it grew very first amid a huge resistive force from the federal government as well as its lack of support for this industry. If you are a vendor or dealer in Marijuana, it means you will always be acclimatizing to this ever-changing business environment.

The law and the federal government are not the only changes affecting this industry. One change that no one may foresee is the customers’ expectations and habits. Consumers now require you to ask yourself if your cannabis marketing techniques are up to speed with the new trends.

Studies have shown that customers consuming traditional marijuana has gone down. This comes at a time when marijuana sale has gone up. The old type of marijuana flower that is dried before sales is quickly declining in popularity and another new type is taking up its space.

The new marijuana which was legally sold has come with concentrates and other even being added to edibles. New methods of delivery have been designed which has made it easy to infiltrate the market unnoticed. There has been a decrease in the percentage of the traditional marijuana from 85% in January last year and 64% in December. While there has been an increase in sales of the concentrates from 10% to 27%. This is courtesy of New Frontier Data

The studies also revealed that medical marijuana consumers spend as much as three times more than recreational customers and a typical demographic of a marijuana consumer is likely to be a health-conscious person with an active lifestyle who puts their wellness as a priority. Women also tend to make up a majority of consumers. The marijuana-smoking couch potato is less likely to be your customer these days.

When you realize the needs, tastes and preferences of your customers have changed, it is imperative also to change your marketing strategy. Keenly analyze your market and ensure you corroborate your findings with your own marketing techniques. Ask yourself if they suit the current demographics. If you discover that your strategy is about winning as many consumers of marijuana as possible or is very keen on ‘marijuana for fun’, then you might just be having the wrong business strategy. Ensure that your focus for marketing meets the demands of your customers efficiently and effectively.

Arming yourself with strategic marketing will go a long way to help you stay on top of the game. You must stay relevant in this industry since its always changing. If you don’t remain to serve the needs of your customer, they will definitely go away without a trace. You should make your marijuana business a big business and one that is ever sort for. This is never too easy nor is it too hard. It only takes commitment and a well put strategy. This way you will not miss to serve your customers right.


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